waiting-photoWhile your child is in surgery, we require at least one parent or guardian to remain in our waiting room. We’ve equipped the room with comfortable seating, wide screen TV, WiFi, vending machine with snacks and coffee. While one parent or guardian remains in the waiting room, the other can go to the nearby food court accessed through our garage.

For the comfort of all our patients, families and staff, we ask you to follow our guidelines:


Please limit the number of people accompanying your child to 2 parents or guardians. Do not bring other family members, friends or other children. Our waiting room cannot comfortably accommodate additional guests, and too many people in the waiting room raises the anxiety of the children. If you have other children, please leave them at home with a guardian.


Please do not bring outside food (even from the food court) to the waiting room. Children awaiting surgery have been fasting for several hours and food can cause distress and temptation. If you purchase snacks and coffee from our vending machine, please be discreet around the children.


Please have at least one parent or guardian remain at the Surgery Center while your child is in surgery. Our team will keep you informed about the progress. Your surgeon will speak with you once the surgery is complete and you will be asked to rejoin your child in Phase II recovery. You will receive verbal and written follow-up instructions specific to your child.