Dedicated to the Best in Your Child

patients-photoWhen a child faces surgery, even a minor surgery, it can be stressful for the entire family. Your child will be in the best of hands at Miami Children’s Hospital Ambulatory Surgery Center. Our pediatric specialists will keep your child safe and comfortable every step of the way. As a parent, you will be part of the care team. Together, we will make this easy and stress-free, helping your child leave with only position impressions.

You can stay with your child up to the time of surgery. During surgery, you will be close by in our waiting room. You will be rejoined in recovery when your child awakens.

To ease your concerns, we offer an overview of your child’s day of surgery and recovery. We also offer helpful tips for talking with your child about surgery. Let your child see how friendly we are by taking our photo tour, or scheduling a visit prior to the day of surgery.

Required Pre-Surgery Documents

Prior to surgery, parents are asked to review and sign required documents. You can review the documents here in advance so you are ready to sign on the day of surgery.